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Do you want the expert guidance of an experienced weight loss coach?

Imagine knowing that every day you are moving closer to your goals. Online weight loss coaching takes out the guess work and is custom made to your unique situation and needs.

I work with online clients all around the globe and provide:

- Customized training plan
- Personal nutrition program
- Support with bi-weekly check-ins via phone or video calls to build habits as well as mental guidance

Sergio, Certified Fitness Coach

I give you a clear and custom plan that works for you to get to the goals and results you want without the guess work or frustration.

How it works:

Exercise Program

Through my exclusive mobile app, I give you exactly the routine and specific exercises to eliminate belly fat and tone the specific areas to get the exact look you want.  


– Custom exercise programming through my exclusive mobile app to fit your environment, either at home or at a gym, with any equipment available to get you increasing your metabolism and burning fat faster than ever. 

Nutrition Guidance

I teach you the tools that you need to never wonder whats good for you and what is not. I lay out the custom plan for you to get the fastest fat loss results.


– I coach you on the mindset of how to overcome emotional/stress eating.


-Tailored Nutrition program that includes foods you love while still dropping stubborn fat so that you can be happy and enjoy the journey.

Social Support

You should not have to go through this journey alone and without support.


– Bi-weekly 1 on 1 Video Coaching calls to give you constant support and coach you through the mindset and psychology of your relationship with food and strategies to prevent binge eating, stress eating, etc. As well as weekly check-ins to make sure you do not hit plateaus and continue to get to your goal.


– Access to my PRIVATE support group to as well as 24/7 messaging access to me through my mobile app to motivate, guide and answer questions or issues that you may be having along your journey.


PAST success

online personal trainer
This was my transformation story; I want to help you have yours also.

Sergio Martinez

- Fitness Coach

I was overweight, bullied and was not confident in myself or my appearance. I would eat fast food, binge on sugar and did not exercise, I was miserable and frustrated with my situation.

I knew that if I stayed on this path that I would not be happy with my life and where I would end up if I continued so I reached out for help.

I got my own coach that taught me the basics about nutrition and exercise, I was able to finally get past my barriers and my lifelong bad habits that prevented me from reaching my goal and staying there.

I then got certified as a personal trainer and also went to college to get my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology to learn as much as I could in order to assist others to live their healthiest life.

Now I am on a mission to help as many people as possible get through their fat loss barriers and pass on what I have learned

I want you to be the next that I help get through those same struggles that I went through and learn from my mistakes.

I have been transforming peoples lives for over 10 years now and absolutely love what I do. There is nothing like transforming someones life to live healthy and full of confidence.

If you are fed up from restrictive crash dieting, not knowing what to eat and what not to, lost about what exercises are best for you as well as jumping from diet to diet and losing then gaining weight back then let me help you to break this cycle once and for all.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients who dropped the fat and kept it off after joining the academy:

Lose more body fat in less time,
Tone your problem areas and gain more confidence in all areas of your life!

You in?!
Lets GO: